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Foursquare API: the most accurate way to recognize places

With our API, accurately find POIs based on how Foursquare sees places — not as static points in space, but as actual shapes with geometry and relevancy that changes based on time of day, popularity, and other signals.

Proprietary method:
- Foursquare uses a dozen variables to derive a location’s X, Y, and Z dimensions to give it a shape.
- Each of the 85 million public places in its database has a shape based on how the phone perceives the world.
- Each location shape is tied to a unique digital fingerprint
- Snap-to-place signals from phone sensors to detect these fingerprints to recognize a location with human verified signals.
- 105M place shapes known globally
- Unique ability to identify venues within dense areas.

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Places Database: the richest human-verified location dataset

Our API lets you access the world's most up-to-date and extensive location database, supercharging your app's location-based features.

- 85M verified public places
- 57 billion human-verified signals
- Trillions of passive location signals
- 12M reviews, 87M Tips, 510M photos, 130M tastes
- Dozens of dimensions logged for each location
- 2M editors adding to it
- 100K+ developers & 55M users add to our database daily
- 1B identified place visits per month
- 2B local trails/day
- 100M users touch API/month

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