Foursquare Moviegoer Insights

Location-based Moviegoer Insights

An abundance of unique preferences in the entertainment space requires marketers to look beyond basic audience demographics, and focus on better targeting the individual. While the movie business is experiencing a slower climb with the rise of on demand streaming services, there’s no denying consumers are still hitting the theaters—in fact, U.S. box office revenue is expected to grow to $11.2B by 2021. That’s a huge piece of the “golden” pie to take advantage of, marking moviegoers as a prime crowd to generate culturally-relevant connections with.

In this year’s report, you’ll find…  

  • How Oscar nominations correspond to audience demographics

  • The top reasons moviegoers are appealing targets

  • Tastes of movie fans from Casual Moviegoers to Super Cinema Fans

  • How movie genres attract different audiences

  • Insights into the top-grossing films of 2017

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