How Meaningful Location Intelligence Works

We combine first party user data not available anywhere else, the most trusted location technology powering 125,000 companies and apps, and a global database of venue information trusted and vetted by the largest tech companies and Wall Street.

First and Second Party Data

Foursquare is powered by real people, not algorithms.

Data Sourcing

Our first and second party, opt-in consumer panel gives us unrivaled global ground truth.

A virtuous circle of Location Intelligence

Foursquare data powers some of the largest technology companies in the world like Uber, Twitter, & Pinterest. Those companies and 125,000 more create a feedback loop that strengthens the largest foot traffic panel on the planet.

Constantly Fresh

Twelve billion times a Foursquare or Swarm user has opened their phone and told us where they were. We see that dataset refreshed millions of times a day by actual people.

Accurate Location Intelligence

We've built a map of phone sensor and venue data trusted by the largest tech companies in the world.

How Your Phone Sees the World

When your phone arrives at a place, your phone scans & receives different signals and starts making sense of them.

Creating Place Shapes

These signals create Place Shapes which are the aggregation of billions of check-ins and years of sophisticated location technology. They power our consumer technology and 125,000 partner companies.

Understanding Location Context Without the Guesswork

Our map of how the phone sees the world is the most trusted and widely used in the world and is relied on by developers, tech companies and Wall Street.

Accuracy of Here vs. Near

We don't rely on satellite imagery or radius targeting because we have the most accurate map of phone sensor data built by real people so we don't have to guess where phones and the people that carry them are going.

Reduce Waste and Eliminate False Positives

Some companies assume close enough is good enough. But we know that means wasted dollars and misleading insights. Foursquare's data has been vetted by developers, tech companies and Wall St analysts.