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Accuweather Leverages Foursquare to Power Location Features

Written by Foursquare on Dec 05, 2018 - Read time: 2 min - Read Later

Brand Challenge:

To increase engagement by personalizing the app experience with location-aware weather forecasts.

Product Feature:

Foursquare Pilgrim SDK is the foundation to AccuWeather's hyper-local place recommendation engine within MinuteCast®, the company's patented minute-by-minute precipitation forecast feature. By proactively pinging users and suggesting places to go based on current location and real-time weather forecasts, users benefit from a truly personalized app experience.

Key Results:

MinuteCast® reaches 20 million monthly app users, delivering context-aware content in real-time.

Product Used:

Embed Pilgrim SDK to engage users with contextually-relevant and geo-aware content. Learn more.


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Accuweather Leverages Foursquare to Power Location Features

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