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Chicago, Here We Come:

Foursquare Opens New Midwest Engineering Hub

Written by Matt Kamen on Jan 19, 2018 - Read time: 2 min - Read Later

The start of 2018 is an invigorating one for us here at Foursquare, especially when it comes to growing our talented teams. Last year, we added more than 50 new roles at the company across product, marketing, ops, and of course, engineering. But as you'll see, we were just getting started.

Engineering is the backbone of the company and the source of our incredible location-based technology and data. Today, we are excited to announce a brand-new engineering office in Chicago.

Dennis Crowley at Chicago's Technology & Entrepreneurship Center

Foursquare Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Dennis Crowley, speaking at 1871, Chicago's Technology & Entrepreneurship Center (Credit: 1871/Greg Rothstein)

Why Chicago?

Chicago has a burgeoning tech scene filled with tech flagships — such as Groupon and GrubHub — as well as growing branches of companies like Salesforce and Uber. There's also an influx of impressive graduates filtering in from programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Loyola University Chicago, to mention just a few.

And while Foursquare's Kinzie area office is currently our third largest (after New York City and San Francisco), to date it has only housed our Midwest-focused sales team.

In order to tap into Chicago's growing tech market, we have brought back Foursquare alum Kyle Fowler as an engineering director who will lead the new team of Chicago engineers as they work on our proprietary Pilgrim technology. We are ecstatic to have Kyle rejoining us from Uptake, where he recently served as a software engineer.

A Career-Changing Opportunity

The time is now to join our Chicago engineering team. In addition to building Foursquare's magic location power, Pilgrim, our new team of Chicago engineers will benefit from long-established employee advantages, such as flexible vacation days, competitive salaries, equity packages, generous paid parental leave, full medical coverage and meal catering.

Our roles are live and ready for candidates to apply immediately, and our recruiters are ready to brief candidates and answer questions. Some of the open engineering positions are currently for an Android Engineer, Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer, Hadoop Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and an iOS Engineer.

If you know someone who's a top-notch candidate for an engineering role or if that person is you, visit


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Chicago, Here We Come:

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