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Community Spotlight: Antor Saldana

Written by Lizzy Kim on Jun 25, 2019 - Read time: 5 min - Read Later

One of the unique value propositions of Foursquare City Guide and Swarm is the ability to discover new and interesting places based on the friends you have and the people you meet. As a result, our community is made up of global explorers in search of not only “bucket-list” places, but also “hidden gems” only locals are familiar with. This month, venture beyond Machu Picchu with Superuser Antor Saldaña as he shares some tips on things to do, see and eat in Chiclayo, the capital city of northwest Peru’s Lambayeque region. 

The City of Friendship

Known as “The City of Friendship” in Peru, Chiclayo is well-known for the hospitality of its residents. As a Superuser Level 2 with 8,250 edits and the organizer of Chiclayo’s 4sqday meetup earlier this year, Antor strives to make his hometown as welcoming as possible by ensuring places are updated with accurate and relevant information. He wants to see every venue on City Guide and Swarm filled with details that will help both visitors and locals discover new and unique spots around town. Simply put, Antor says, “Being a SU is amazing!”

The city also acts as a gateway for many archeological sites, and attracts visitors with its parks, gardens and beaches. When visiting Chiclayo, the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum is a must. The museum contains some of the most important artifacts found at Huaca Rajada by Peruvian archeologist Walter Alva in 1987, including ceremonial vessels,  jewelry and most infamously, the tombs of the Lord of Sipán and his entourage. Inaugurated in 2002, the museum was designed to resemble ancient Moche tombs. For an excursion out of the city, be sure to head over to Pimentel Beach at sunset for a breathtaking evening.

Gastronomy is a distinguishing factor of the larger Peruvian community, and one that is apparent from the dining table at home to the restaurants in the city. For a taste of local Peruvian cuisine, Antor recommends three restaurants: the top-rated Fiesta for local delicacies, Caserío for fine dining, and Sabores Peruanos for traditional Peruvian food. If you are thirsty, try drinking a cebada at Don Morales in the Mercado Central—this is a barley-based drink popular among locals! Lastly, don’t forget to try a seco of cabrito or a ceviche with tortita of choclo—you may just fall so in love with the food that you won’t want to leave! In fact, if you are looking for other ceviche spots in Chiclayo, Antor’s list is a great place to start. 

Antor’s Foursquare Adventures 

One of Antor’s craziest check-ins was at none other than the famous peak of Machu Picchu when he first climbed it two years ago. He did not expect to have signal, but was pleasantly surprised to find Swarm worked so he could look back on the trip when he visited for a second time in 2018. 

As a music aficionado, Antor likes to plan his vacations around concerts and music festivals around the world, Lollapalooza Chile 2019 being the last one he attended. This way, he gets to kill two birds with one stone—getting to hear great music and exploring a new city. Some of his favorite Peruvian musicians are Alejandro y María Laura, Francois Peglau and Tourista. Other bands he likes are Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club and Twenty One Pilots. The Corona Capital music festival in Mexico is next on his wish list.

We want to give a huge thank you to Antor for sharing his friendly tips on Chiclayo—we can’t wait to see where he checks-in next!

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Community Spotlight: Antor Saldana

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