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Community Spotlight: Steffen Gablenz

Meet the members of our community that help make our technology great. In this month's edition, we reached out to Superuser Steffen Gablenz of Hanover, Germany to learn more about his favorite places and how he uses Foursquare.

Written by Foursquare on Dec 19, 2017 - Read time: 3 min - Read Later

Steffen visiting Foursquare HQ in New York City

Steffen visiting Foursquare HQ in New York City

Hi fellow SUs,

My name is Steffen and I am a Superuser Level 9 from Hanover, Germany.

I have been a SU since 2012, and have made over 275,000 edits, 200+ lists and 9,800 check ins at more than 4,500 different places. As a SU, I enjoy being able to help create a great experience for both myself and every other Foursquare user.

Over the years, I have connected with many awesome SUs in Germany as well as other European countries like France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. Together, we've organized several meetups at the annual CeBIT trade fair in my hometown of Hanover and each year on 4sqDay.

My favorite type of restaurants are either Italian or French restaurants, but what I really like to use Foursquare City Guide for is to find good breakfast spots when I travel. I often find that hotels don't offer good value for the money, so I like to check Foursquare City Guide for better places nearby. Two breakfast places of note that I have found while using City Guide are Hole in the Wall in New York City and a cafe in Kyiv, Ukraine called The Life of Remarkable People.

This time of year, where I live in Northern Germany it is cold and wet and there is not much left to do outside except drink mulled wine and nibble classic German Christmas cookies at one of the many lovely Christmas Markets. These places are usually lavishly decorated and attract so many people. Every little town in Germany has at least one. My home city of Hanover offers 6 different sites — Berlin boasts more than 30!

Here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas Markets in Germany

The Christmas Markets of Nuremberg, Germany

The Christmas Markets of Nuremberg, Germany

For those who would prefer to visit Germany during the warmer months, I made two lists of the best places to go in Germany according to the SU community. These lists were a collaborative effort of the global SU community to celebrate 4sq Day on April 16, 2016 and feature places in Germany suggested by SUs from around the world using the Twitter hashtag #4sq365. There were so many places, that I had to create two lists to include all of them!

Here are those two lists: List 1 | List 2

That's all for now. Happy Holidays!



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Community Spotlight: Steffen Gablenz

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