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Developers, grow your numbers! Connected app success stories from our pilot partners

Written by 4SQ ENG on Sep 05, 2012 - Read time: 3 min - Read Later

We've seen some amazing new apps built since we released the developer preview of our new connected apps framework two months ago. We're continuing to make improvements, and we can't wait for the official launch of our App Gallery to our entire community in the coming months.

Connected apps are great for both developers and the foursquare community. For people checking in, connected apps make foursquare more interesting and customized. For developers, connected apps provide an opportunity for more people to discover and engage with your timely and targeted content.

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The connected apps effect
Our connected apps launch partners have seen significant jumps in sign-ups and downloads, increased engagement, greater exposure to new audiences, and spikes in web traffic. Here's what some of them had to say:

The Snoball connected app lets people set-up a donation to trigger when they check in to a specific place on foursquare. For example, a person can pledge $1 to charity:water when they check in to their favorite coffee house.

“Since the app's July launch, the number of check in-based donations within Snoball has increased by 500%, while nonprofits within the platform saw a 40% increase in donations through Snoball with an average donation of $2 per check-in." — Todd Graves, Software Developer at Snoball

Untappd gives beer recommendations to people who check in to a bar and makes it easy to track the beers they drink.

“Through the foursquare connected app, we saw a 10% increase in sign-ups for Untappd and that 10% of all replies sent to the user turned into a beer check-in. Most importantly, our users have told us how much they love getting great recommendations about beer choices while at their favorite establishments, without leaving the foursquare app." — Greg Avola, Co-Founder of Untappd

Eat This, Not That
Eat This, Not That recommends the healthiest dishes to order when people check in to restaurants.

“Our goal in this partnership was to deliver quality information that is relevant to our viewers when they need it most. We provided the editorial content and foursquare provided the technology… Viewers are literally sitting at these restaurants, checking in, and looking at a list of menu options (usually without calorie counts); serving them helpful tips on what to order (and what to stay away from) is not only timely, but extremely useful.

We plan on launching a second connected app this year with Women's Health, which will deliver content to its health-conscious readers in the nutrition/fitness category." — Jackie Lebowitz, Special Projects Editor at Men's Health

Sonar lets users know when their friends and other interesting people who share interests and connections are nearby.

“The impact of being a part of foursquare's connected apps pilot has been fantastic. We've been able to attribute increases across all the standard metrics we track daily to our presence within foursquare, including downloads and engagement. On some days we've seen downloads from foursquare as much as doubling our daily download numbers, and we've seen a 6000% increase in website traffic sent from foursquare. We've also noticed a jump in downloads in new markets where foursquare has a high penetration, including Turkey, Russia and Brazil." — Katie Smith-Adair, Vice President at Sonar

Want to build a connected app, or have one you'd like us to feature? Learn more or submit your app to be featured in our Connected Apps Gallery.


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Developers, grow your numbers! Connected app success stories from our pilot partners

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