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Developers, product managers, and engineers: Visit our new Developer Toolkit is updated and lookin' fresh

Written by Foursquare on Oct 04, 2017 - Read time: 3 min - Read Later

An open API and developer platform are core to Foursquare's mission: we believe in launching products that make the world more fun, interesting and easy to explore — for everyone. For almost eight years now, we have been creating a proprietary digital map of the world; developing a system to understand how mobile phones recognize places, from your favorite bike shop to that burger place nearby.

We've always believed in opening up this platform to developers so that it is easy for them to build on it.

To make it all possible, there's Foursquare's developer site, the homebase for hundreds of thousands of companies, engineers and product managers that rely on the Foursquare Places API, Places Database and Pilgrim SDK. They come to us for our geo-centric tech tools that give their apps geographic context, location-based search elements, and — as of earlier this year — passive location awareness and messaging capabilities.

Animated computer screen showing Places API

As we grow — and we continue to; we just surpassed 125,000 developers on our platform — we needed a site that easily scales and expands with us. Today, we're excited to announce that we upgraded the site: check it out here.

With today's update, the website is easier than ever to use: it clearly outlines what we have to offer, pricing tiers, and other details. More than 95% of Foursquare partner developers use the Places API free of charge. For these partners and more, the new web experience offers faster on-boarding and other details so developers can troubleshoot with ease. For all of our 125k developers, from our largest partners (Twitter, Samsung, Microsoft, Uber and more) to the indie developers, the redesigned website and documentation pages now better serve the entire developer community.

What you'll find:

  • New case studies, including specifics on our partnerships with Samsung, Uber and TouchTunes.
  • A new Docs Overview page and Getting Started guide, which outlines a step-by-step process for account registration, app creation and endpoint exploration, and a Comparison Guide to easily identify the best Foursquare developer product for you, whether it's the Places Database, Places API and/or Pilgrim SDK.
  • Inspiration for the best way to integrate the Foursquare Places API, which covers 105M places and is constantly refined and updated thanks to 12 billion global check-ins and place confirmations that come from 125K partners. Visit the site for a rundown of sample apps, sourced from our global community, that spotlight unique and innovative ways to integrate Foursquare's precise location data.

Animation of how to get started with Places API

Animated image of Places API recommending a place

And hey, thanks to all you developers out there! Our community has grown 25% since the beginning of 2016. Many know our biggest partners well, but some of our favorite use cases are the lesser-known apps who rely on our technology to better the world.

For example:

  • Blindsquare, an app that uses verbal cues to help blind and visually impaired people navigate cities, is built on the Foursquare Places API. According to CEO Ilkka Pirttimaa, “Foursquare data is easily filtered to deliver only the information desired. This is of significant advantage to BlindSquare users as we can, based on Foursquare ratings and tips, present the most popular POI's first."
  • Other examples of companies that use the Foursquare tech to help consumers navigate spaces also include Compeer, which helps users locate accessibility friendly locations.

Want to join our community of developers, product managers, and more? Go to, check out our new site, and let us know what you think.


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Developers, product managers, and engineers: Visit our new Developer Toolkit

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