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Happy (moving to) Canada Day

Considering a move to our neighbo(u)r to the north?

Written by Sarah Spagnolo on Jul 01, 2016 - Read time: 1 min - Read Later

You're not alone. Based on Swarm check-in data, we've seen a 15% increase in visits to Canada year-over-year, with 72% of travelers heading to the nearest province (you know, checking it out just in case).

Have a thing for Justin Trudeau, eh?

You're not the only one. Since Canada's ‘PILF' was sworn in, visits to Parliament Hill are up 70%.

Looking to spend less for your plate of poutine?

Canada's got that covered — er, smothered — too.

The Swarm Guide to Canada for people thinking of moving there

The Swarm Guide to Canada

Click here to see our fun web- and mobile-optimized infographic in its entirety.

Happy early Canada day, everyone. (The holiday is July 1st, in case you want to note it in your calendar.)

The Great White North has never seemed so right.


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Happy (moving to) Canada Day

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