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New Report: 2019 Casual Dining Restaurant Loyalty Index

Using Location to Measure Loyalty

Written by Ariel Segal on May 01, 2019 - Read time: 5 min - Read Later

Technology is changing the way people think about eating and dining out – and it’s presenting a slew of new challenges for the dining industry. From fast casual brands such as Chipotle, to meal delivery kits like Blue Apron, traditional dining establishments are facing stiff competition from all angles. Despite this changing landscape, more than 90 percent of all consumer spending still occurs in the real world, and dining out is no exception. Foursquare’s foot traffic data shows that modern consumers enjoy going out to eat as much as ever. More importantly, our data proves that it’s still possible to create a loyal, dedicated customer base – even in the face of technological change and increasing competition. Building a devoted customer base is a top priority for restaurants, and our proprietary index provides the most accurate assessment of customer loyalty. With a deep understanding of how people move through the real world, Foursquare’s unique capabilities and data sets measure loyalty based on true consumer behavior, rather than vague measures of brand perception.

  • The methodology behind the Foursquare Casual Dining Loyalty Index
  • The loyalty rankings of America’s leading casual dining restaurants
  • Best practices for improving casual dining customer loyalty

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New Report: 2019 Casual Dining Restaurant Loyalty Index

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