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Some homemade @foursquareAPI Connected Apps hot out of the @foursquare hq oven

Written by 4SQ ENG on Jul 12, 2012 - Read time: 2 min - Read Later

While we were building out the Connected Apps Platform, we couldn't resist the urge to write a bunch of apps on our own. Some are pretty silly, some are useful, and some are just a first step towards all the things that are possible with connected apps. We'll start featuring some of our favorite apps from all of you next week (don't forget to tell us about your connected app!), but in the meantime here are some of our favorite homemade connected apps:

Fourstalgia gives you a window into the past at the places you visit. When you check in, you'll see images of the surrounding area from SepiaTown, a crowd sourced geo database of historic photos.

Foursquare's Fourstalgia app feature helps you learn about projects at public schools in your neighborhood that are soliciting donations via DonorsChoose.

Squaredar notifies you when you check in and a foursquare friend has been recently spotted somewhere closer than normal. Find out when a friend from abroad is in the country for a visit or maybe when an old co-worker who lives across town is next door having a burger.

Thanks for Coming in Today
Finally, someone who notices when you clock in at work early! Thanks for Coming in Today keep tabs on the average time you check in at work and pats you on the back when you show up earlier than normal.

Squarely in the ‘silly' category, TWSS will remind you when your check-in shouts deserve some special commentary.

BAM Membership Specials
A lot of places in the neighborhood surrounding The Brooklyn Academy of Music, a local arts center, offer great rewards to donating members, but it can be hard to remember to take advantage of them. This simple BAM Membership Specials app reminds the connected user if they've checked in somewhere that offers a reward to BAM members.

BAM Membership Specials app

These apps are just the beginning of what can be done on the Connected Apps Platform. Ready to start building? Head over to the developer site to get started, and don't forget to tell us about your app when you're done! You can check out the apps from our Developer Preview launch in our preliminary app gallery, which we'll be updating with our wider launch later this year.


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Some homemade @foursquareAPI Connected Apps hot out of the @foursquare hq oven

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