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The 2019 Fashion Retail Loyalty Index

Using Location to Measure Loyalty

Written by Mike Schoppmann on Jan 24, 2019 - Read time: 5 min - Read Later

Retail fashion brands are in the midst of a technology-enabled sea change. Unprecedented investment by e-commerce, direct-to-consumer brands and digital consumer enablement are making the landscape more competitive than ever. Even forward-thinking e-commerce leaders are dabbling in the fashion space, raising the stakes even higher for new and longstanding fashion retail brands. Many fashion retail brands now realize that, in order to keep pace in this new environment, they must place an even greater emphasis on customer cultivation and brand loyalty. Despite digital technological innovations, more than 90 percent of consumer spending still takes place in the brick-and-mortar world. Foursquare's foot traffic analysis is one of the most powerful, proof-positive pieces of evidence that, even in the face of digital retail and e-commerce, it's still possible to create a loyal, dedicated fan-base in the real world. The bottom line: Building a loyal customer base is a bigger priority than ever for fashion brands to battle competitors and technology. And Foursquare's Loyalty Index provides the most insightful and accurate assessment of customer loyalty in the industry. With a deep understanding of how people move around the real world, Foursquare offers the unique ability to measure loyalty based on meaningful consumer behaviors and interactions with brands, rather than just perceptions. By tapping into this intelligence, retail brands can target marketing and messaging to consumers in the moments (and places) that matter most.

  • The rankings of America's leading fashion brands in terms of customer loyalty
  • What fashion retail marketers can do to enhance loyalty over the long run
  • The methodology behind the Foursquare Loyalty Index

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The 2019 Fashion Retail Loyalty Index

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