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What America Ate, Drank and Saw in 2015

What was 2015 all about? Small-batch distilleries, unexpectedly popular beaches, the creamiest of burrata cheese: this year was unique, surprising, and always delicious.

Written by Sarah Spagnolo on Dec 18, 2015 - Read time: 1 min - Read Later

What America Ate, Drank and Saw in 2015, a data-driven infographic from Foursquare, the app for discovering new places, highlights this year's biggest moments in a month-by-month format. It hits the highest of heights — what happens when the Pope comes to town? — to the lowest of lows. (Where were you on 4/20?)

What America ate, drank, and saw in 2015 infographic

How we did it: We started with dozens of queries, crazy algorithms, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of Foursquare location data, which includes implicit visits and Swarm check-ins, plus Foursquare tips, mentions, ratings, and other singular insights. Our data surfaces the real-life trends and obsessions of millions of inspired explorers — you.

Enjoy the look back, and cheers to another extraordinary year.


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What America Ate, Drank and Saw in 2015

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