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What today's announcement means for developers

Written by 4SQ ENG on May 01, 2014 - Read time: 1 min - Read Later

Update (August 2014): For the latest on our plans for the API, be sure to read our entire recent update for developers.

Today we announced some big news about the products we work on every day here at Foursquare. Read about it if you haven't already — it's some pretty exciting stuff. But what do these changes mean for the thousands of developers that rely on our public API?

If you are a developer, in the short run, this will have no effect on your apps. Your users will continue to be able to connect their Foursquare accounts to your app and the way to access the API remains unchanged. In the long run, look for a few coming changes but even more exciting features being added to the API as Swarm and Foursquare grow and evolve. As always, we plan on giving plenty of advanced notice before we make any major changes to the API.

While we have your attention though, take this opportunity to do some spring housecleaning for your Foursquare app! Make sure you follow @foursquareAPI and that the email address associated with your Foursquare app is up-to-date — we use both for making important announcements. And finally, are you ready for our upcoming versioning changes?

As always, you have these channels for questions and support: email, Twitter, StackOverflow, and (new!) AirPair.


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What today's announcement means for developers

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