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Introducing Hypertrending

Mar 08, 2019

It’s been ten years since we launched Foursquare at SXSW in 2009. We say “launch” but back in those days it was really just “hey, let’s show our friends what we’ve been working on”....

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Say hello to the new Swarm 5.0

Aug 09, 2017

Today, we launch Foursquare Swarm version 5.0 — a huge update that we’re all really excited about. Before I tell you more, let me step back a second and tell you why we’re doing it....

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Why the Hudson Valley is on Foursquare's Shortlist

Jul 26, 2017

When we started Foursquare in 2009, the idea of building a tech startup in NYC was crazytalk to some. One of the main questions we used to get asked back in our early days was: “Why start the company ...

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On announcing Foursquare's Pilgrim SDK

Mar 02, 2017

Today we’re launching our Pilgrim SDK (read the announcement) which marks the first time we’ve bundled up our core “Pilgrim” technology (our Places database, stop detection, and snap-to-place awarenes...

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Marsbot. (aka: some thoughts on the types of things only Foursquare can build)

Jul 25, 2016

Today, the New York Times published aquick Q&A with me where I had a chance to hint about the future of location-based services, specifically this idea that location and contextually aware technologie...

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Leveling Up at Foursquare.

Jan 14, 2016

It’s been just about seven years since we sat down and wrote the first lines of PHP that would power Foursquare. In that time, we’ve grown from “crazy idea” to prototype, prototype to project, project...

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