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Foursquare Partners with Mapbox to Improve how People Move Through the World

May 30, 2018

Maps and location data are at the center of so many amazing app experiences, whether it’s finding your next date on Tinder thanks to a shared love of dog parks, navigating to your destination on Uber,...

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Foursquare Invents the Future of Dating with Tinder

May 23, 2018

Today we’re announcing that Foursquare is powering a brand-new feature in the Tinder app that helps people find the right match based on favorite places they may share in common, whether it’s a local ...

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Foursquare Launches a New API Solution for Start-Ups and Growing Companies

Apr 12, 2018

Ever hail an Uber using a place name rather than a street address? Have you used a Snapchat geofilter or geotagged a tweet on Twitter? Many of the world’s largest tech companies rely on Foursquare dat...

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Foursquare Illuminates CPG Insights by Connecting World Class Foot Traffic Data with America's Largest Shopper Panel

Aug 14, 2017

Despite the growth of e-commerce, US Census data shows that more than 90% of consumer shopping still happens in the real world, a significant portion of which is consumer packaged goods (CPG) spanning...

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Listen Up: Foursquare and Pandora Partner to Measure Real World Impact of Internet Radio Ads

Jul 12, 2017

Foursquare and Pandora are joining forces to bring offline measurement with Attribution by Foursquare to Pandora’s expansive suite of digital and streaming ads including audio, display, video, native ...

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