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Part Three: The Dilemmas of Location Data: The Importance of Stop Detection Technology and Dwell Time Measurement

May 09, 2019

Consumer-facing industries such as retail and quick service restaurant (QSR) have long seen the value of foot traffic data in its ability to approximate sales performance and foreshadow consumer trend...

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Part Two: The Dilemmas of Location Data: An Evaluation of Mapping Methodologies

May 07, 2019

Location intelligence—powered by foot traffic data—is incredibly valuable, whether it’s used to reveal contextual details about a place, or surface behavioral insights about an audience. However, not ...

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Part One: The Dilemmas of Location Data: Why Data Source Matters

May 01, 2019

While data-driven marketers increasingly rely on location intelligence for campaign measurement and foot traffic insights, they consistently face the problem of accuracy—poor quality data can lead to ...

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How Places by Foursquare Outperforms the Competition

Mar 28, 2019

Places by Foursquare is used by 150,000 developers and leading companies such as Samsung, Uber, and Twitter to build location-based experiences into their software applications. To illustrate the scal...

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Accuweather Leverages Foursquare to Power Location Features

Dec 05, 2018

Foursquare Pilgrim SDK powers AccuWeather's hyper-local place recommendation engine within MinuteCast®, their forecast feature....

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Announcing the winner of our first 'Foursquare for Good' program

Nov 28, 2018

For many Americans, the past week has been spent reflecting on the things that matter most. At Foursquare, that’s also true, as we tallied up the votes for our first-ever Foursquare for Good program....

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How Improving Location Accuracy Leads to Superior Results

Nov 13, 2018

In a previous post, we looked at two of the most common approaches to location marketing — geographic versus contextual — and discussed the advantages of bringing them together in a single flexible so...

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Why Flexible Location Technology is Powering the Future of Marketing

Nov 08, 2018

Location technology has revolutionized the way companies reach, engage and understand their users. By leveraging data about where users go in the real world, businesses are able to provide more person...

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Oh, The Places We'll Go!

Nov 01, 2018

Foursquare knows travel better than most. Of course we do! Nearly a decade ago, Foursquare ushered in a new era of mobile exploration: first with our own consumer apps, Foursquare City Guide and Swarm...

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Foursquare and Mapbox Empower Developer Communities with Location Data

Nov 01, 2018

Foursquare partners with Mapbox to empower members of their developer community with accurate location data....

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Foursquare Announces its First 'Foursquare for Good' Program

Sep 17, 2018

This morning, I had the privilege of representing Foursquare and standing up on stage at Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange 2018 in front of a room full of academics, data scientists, not-for-profits ...

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Foursquare x LA Hacks: Great Minds Build Alike

May 16, 2018

A few weeks ago we sponsored LA Hacks, a hackathon featuring more than 1,500 developers — one of the largest hackathons in the world. Over 100 developers signed up for our API, and 20+ of those projec...

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Foursquare Launches a New API Solution for Start-Ups and Growing Companies

Apr 12, 2018

Ever hail an Uber using a place name rather than a street address? Have you used a Snapchat geofilter or geotagged a tweet on Twitter? Many of the world’s largest tech companies rely on Foursquare dat...

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A New Experience for Developer Documentation & Resources

Nov 21, 2017

Documentation is one of the most important aspects in building a strong developer community. Earlier this year we launched an entirely new version of developer.foursquare.com, packed with features to ...

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Developers, product managers, and engineers: Visit our new Developer Toolkit

Oct 04, 2017

An open API and developer platform are core to Foursquare’s mission: we believe in launching products that make the world more fun, interesting and easy to explore — for everyone. For almost eight yea...

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How to build an Augmented Reality App using the Foursquare API + Mapbox + ARKit

Jul 25, 2017

This is a brief technical tutorial on building out a Foursquare powered Augmented Reality app using Unity w/the Mapbox Unity SDK, ARKit and Foursquare’s API. We’ll be building an iOS app displaying ne...

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On announcing Foursquare's Pilgrim SDK

Mar 02, 2017

Today we’re launching our Pilgrim SDK (read the announcement) which marks the first time we’ve bundled up our core “Pilgrim” technology (our Places database, stop detection, and snap-to-place awarenes...

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Pants 1.0

May 02, 2016

Today, the Pants Project announced the release of Pants Build 1.0. Foursquare is a proud contributor to Pants, and we’d like to thank and congratulate our fellow contributors in the Pants community. F...

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Announcing the first Foursquare API Demo Day!

Oct 27, 2014

Every couple of weeks we have an internal demo day — an hour where people demo things they’ve been working on to the rest of the company. Demos can be anything from a prototype app feature to a cool d...

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What today's announcement means for developers

May 01, 2014

Today we announced some big news about the products we work on every day here at Foursquare. Read about it if you haven’t already - it’s some pretty exciting stuff. But what do these changes mean for ...

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Foursquare Native Auth on iOS and Android: Developers, connect your users more quickly than ever

Aug 19, 2013

A few weeks ago we were excited to announce one of our most-wished-for features from our developer community, native authentication for iOS, and today we’re happy to announce we’ve also shipped suppor...

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A Foursquare Hackathon for the new year-sign up and build the next amazing hack!

Dec 12, 2012

And take two! Although Sandy foiled our hackathon plans in November, we're back and ready to hack it up with the best and brightest, On January 5th we're inviting developers and designers in the NYC, ...

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Connect all the apps! Dig into our new connected apps platform at our 2012 hackathon

Sep 13, 2012

You guys! The foursquare hackathon is back! And this year, we’re inviting you to hack foursquare itself. Our all-new Connected Apps platform enables you to wire new functionality directly into the cor...

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Developers, grow your numbers! Connected app success stories from our pilot partners

Sep 05, 2012

We’ve seen some amazing new apps built since we released the developer preview of our new connected apps framework two months ago. We’re continuing to make improvements, and we can’t wait for the offi...

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