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Win This Back to School Season

Apr 18, 2019

Every year retailers gear up for back to school season. With back to school spending reaching approximately $82 billion in 2018, it’s no wonder back to school remains a staple for retail brands. Fours...

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Foursquare Expands Attribution Solution with New Channel Measurement for Out-of-Home

Apr 15, 2019

We know advertisers are grappling with how to choose the right measurement partner. There are three key factors to consider when finding a best-in-class partner: precision in the measurement itself (w...

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The Cost of Misinformation: Is Low Quality Location Data Impacting Your Business?

Mar 27, 2019

With the location intelligence and analytics market expected to exceed $16 billion by 2021, according to IndustryARC, marketers are clearly seeing the benefits of foot traffic data. Used to power audi...

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Gym Vs. Burger? Foursquare Data Reveals When People Will Give Up Their New Year's Resolutions

Feb 06, 2019

New Year, new us, right? Apparently not. According to Forbes, 40% of Americans make self-resolutions at the beginning of each year, however only 8% actually accomplish them....

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Connecting the Small Screen with the Real World

Nov 08, 2018

In 2018, more than 90% of consumer spending still happens offline, according to the U.S. Census. Layer onto that fact how more than $70 billion was spent on TV advertising in 2017, and you can see why...

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The 2018 Holiday Retail Report

Nov 02, 2018

It’s no surprise the holiday shopping season is a critical retail tent pole. Foursquare data shows a 14% lift in the overall number of visits to brick-and-mortar retailers over the holidays—and consum...

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The 2018 Quick-Service Restaurant Loyalty Index

Oct 01, 2018

There are now more than 350,000 quick-service restaurants (QSR) in the United States. With a saturated market and the rise of indirect competition such as online ordering and meal subscriptions—buildi...

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The Truth About Generation Z

Aug 01, 2018

Why is Gen Z crucial for brands and businesses to understand? For starters, they are an incredibly large and influential generation with a surprising load of direct spending power, accounting for near...

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Attribution by Foursquare Boasts New Machine Learning Methodology, Dashboard and Partners

Jun 14, 2018

When we first introduced Attribution by Foursquare two years ago, our goal was to enable industry-leading advertisers, publishers and platforms to understand how digital ads were driving foot traffic ...

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The Diversity of Moms

Mar 02, 2018

In our personalization-first world, generalized media targeting and standard demographic descriptors simply work anymore. Blanket terms are missing the behavioral insights which ideally should be cons...

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Foursquare's 2018 Casual Dining Loyalty Index

Mar 01, 2018

The casual dining restaurant (CDR) space is a crowded and competitive one. The time is now for brands to reevaluate their diner retention strategies. To better understand what inspires strong loyalty,...

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Foursquare Game Day Insights

Jan 02, 2018

Good old, American football. The national pastime engages millions of Americans throughout the fall and winter months, culminating in “The Big Game”, a pivotal cultural moment year after year. Game da...

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Keeping Our Winning Streak Going in 2017

Nov 24, 2017

Success in the tech world isn’t guaranteed, even for innovative companies like us....

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When Should Retailers Open Doors for Black Friday Shopping?

Nov 17, 2017

Every year, it seems like Black Friday deals start earlier and earlier. Some brands famously refuse to open on Thanksgiving to preserve the sanctity of the holiday, give their employees the time off, ...

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2017 Travel & Tourism Insights

Nov 01, 2017

If you’re wander-ing how much the travel industry is worth—it’s a lot. Spending is expected to only increase, reaching $7.27 billion by 2019, making it even more critical for brands to stay ahead of t...

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Foursquare Illuminates CPG Insights by Connecting World Class Foot Traffic Data with America's Largest Shopper Panel

Aug 14, 2017

Despite the growth of e-commerce, US Census data shows that more than 90% of consumer shopping still happens in the real world, a significant portion of which is consumer packaged goods (CPG) spanning...

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Which gyms are feeling the burn?

Jul 27, 2017

As specialty fitness studios reach tipping point, Planet Fitness and luxe gyms in demand once again...

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Listen Up: Foursquare and Pandora Partner to Measure Real World Impact of Internet Radio Ads

Jul 12, 2017

Foursquare and Pandora are joining forces to bring offline measurement with Attribution by Foursquare to Pandora’s expansive suite of digital and streaming ads including audio, display, video, native ...

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Coming to America?

May 25, 2017

Last month, the U.S. government published the Q1 2017 economic growth figures, and many economists were disappointed to see anemic GDP growth under 1%. Simultaneously on the political front, the natio...

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Can cannabis cannibalize booze sales?

Apr 19, 2017

As policies change around the legalization of marijuana, alcohol companies have braced for impact. So let’s be blunt: What does legalizing marijuana do to alcohol sales?...

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Alcohol & Consumer Drinking Trends

Mar 02, 2017

To better understand consumers based on where and what they drink, Foursquare analyzed visits to on- and off-premise venues and identified trends that can help advertisers hone in on their target audi...

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Foursquare and Nielsen Collaborate to Map Digital Ads to In-Store Visitation and Sales

Dec 12, 2016

Understanding a consumer’s path to purchase is tricky but crucial for marketers and advertisers, especially for brands with substantial brick and mortar sales. For e-commerce, the process is somewhat ...

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Foursquare Releases Live Attribution Dashboard, Signs 55 New Partners in 4 Months

Jul 25, 2016

Just a few months ago we launched Attribution, knowing that the advertising industry was hungry for a way to quantify its influence on behavior in the real world. While we knew we were solving an impo...

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Millennials Are Spending More Time at an Unexpected Location: Theme Parks

Jul 22, 2016

Millennials: always drawn to the next big thing — and that includes theme parks re-invented with their exact generation in mind. This group (ages 18 to 34, now the world’s largest demographic) is enor...

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