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Rethinking the Path to Purchase

May 21, 2019

Foursquare analyzes location data from millions of Americans that make up our growing, first party foot traffic panel. Always-on location and proprietary true stop detection allows Foursquare to measu...

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New Report: 2019 Casual Dining Restaurant Loyalty Index

May 01, 2019

Technology is changing the way people think about eating and dining out – and it’s presenting a slew of new challenges for the dining industry. From fast casual brands such as Chipotle, to meal delive...

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How Foursquare Is Helping Malls Become Destination Hubs

Mar 14, 2019

If you've been keeping up with news about malls and shopping complexes, your perspective on the format could be pretty grim. The news would have you believe that revenues are declining, vacancy rates ...

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Which Fashion Brands Have The Most Loyal Fanbase?

Jan 29, 2019

Much has been said about the retail industry: that department stores are dead, that discount stores are on the rise, that in-store technologies are the answer. Everyone agrees, however, in order to k...

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The 2019 Fashion Retail Loyalty Index

Jan 24, 2019

Retail fashion brands are in the midst of a technology-enabled sea change. Unprecedented investment by e-commerce, direct-to-consumer brands and digital consumer enablement are making the landscape mo...

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How Improving Location Accuracy Leads to Superior Results

Nov 13, 2018

In a previous post, we looked at two of the most common approaches to location marketing — geographic versus contextual — and discussed the advantages of bringing them together in a single flexible so...

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Why Flexible Location Technology is Powering the Future of Marketing

Nov 08, 2018

Location technology has revolutionized the way companies reach, engage and understand their users. By leveraging data about where users go in the real world, businesses are able to provide more person...

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Connecting the Small Screen with the Real World

Nov 08, 2018

In 2018, more than 90% of consumer spending still happens offline, according to the U.S. Census. Layer onto that fact how more than $70 billion was spent on TV advertising in 2017, and you can see why...

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The 2018 Holiday Retail Report

Nov 02, 2018

It’s no surprise the holiday shopping season is a critical retail tent pole. Foursquare data shows a 14% lift in the overall number of visits to brick-and-mortar retailers over the holidays—and consum...

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Which QSR chain has the most loyal fanbase?

Oct 15, 2018

For the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) biz, it’s all about “Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty” (to quote Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna). Competition is fierce and loyalty is king. With more than 350,000 QSRs in ...

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The 2018 Quick-Service Restaurant Loyalty Index

Oct 01, 2018

There are now more than 350,000 quick-service restaurants (QSR) in the United States. With a saturated market and the rise of indirect competition such as online ordering and meal subscriptions—buildi...

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The Truth About Generation Z

Aug 01, 2018

Why is Gen Z crucial for brands and businesses to understand? For starters, they are an incredibly large and influential generation with a surprising load of direct spending power, accounting for near...

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Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

Jun 28, 2018

We studied malls with venues that opened in 2016 and followed foot traffic trends over the next four quarters, while correcting for seasonality. This approach allowed us to compare venues that opened ...

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Driving with Data: How Location Tech Is Reinventing the Auto Industry

Jun 21, 2018

There’s no question the auto industry is evolving as consumers are changing the way they’re buying, selling and — most importantly — using cars. Technology, once along for the ride, is beginning to ta...

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Which Casual Dining Chain has the Most Loyal Customers?

Mar 26, 2018

The casual dining restaurant (CDR) space is in the the midst of a sea change. Challenges that have affected the retail market, such as chain saturation and technological innovation, are now beginning ...

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The Diversity of Moms

Mar 02, 2018

In our personalization-first world, generalized media targeting and standard demographic descriptors simply work anymore. Blanket terms are missing the behavioral insights which ideally should be cons...

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Foursquare's 2018 Casual Dining Loyalty Index

Mar 01, 2018

The casual dining restaurant (CDR) space is a crowded and competitive one. The time is now for brands to reevaluate their diner retention strategies. To better understand what inspires strong loyalty,...

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Foursquare Game Day Insights

Jan 02, 2018

Good old, American football. The national pastime engages millions of Americans throughout the fall and winter months, culminating in “The Big Game”, a pivotal cultural moment year after year. Game da...

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What America Ate, Drank, and Saw in 2017

Dec 15, 2017


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2017 Travel & Tourism Insights

Nov 01, 2017

If you’re wander-ing how much the travel industry is worth—it’s a lot. Spending is expected to only increase, reaching $7.27 billion by 2019, making it even more critical for brands to stay ahead of t...

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Introducing Foursquare's First Annual QSR Loyalty Index

Sep 29, 2017

Changes are afoot in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry: Chipotle just announced that it’s ditching chorizo; Dunkin Donuts may soon be just Dunkin;Taco Bell has partnered with Lyft. Every bra...

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Which Companies Will Amazon and Walmart Acquire Next?

Aug 24, 2017

Earlier this summer, when Amazon and Walmart scooped up Whole Foods and Bonobos, speculation swirled around these two retail behemoths each striving to become the ultimate shopping destination — both ...

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Alcohol & Consumer Drinking Trends

Mar 02, 2017

To better understand consumers based on where and what they drink, Foursquare analyzed visits to on- and off-premise venues and identified trends that can help advertisers hone in on their target audi...

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How Macy's and Kmart Store Closures Will Impact American Retailers

Feb 08, 2017

When a retailer closes stores, where do the shoppers go and how do shopping patterns shift? How much does a closed store impact the local economy, and a closed retailer impact national business?...

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