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Foursquare Expands Attribution Solution with New Channel Measurement for Out-of-Home

Apr 15, 2019

We know advertisers are grappling with how to choose the right measurement partner. There are three key factors to consider when finding a best-in-class partner: precision in the measurement itself (w...

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Introducing Hypertrending

Mar 08, 2019

It’s been ten years since we launched Foursquare at SXSW in 2009. We say “launch” but back in those days it was really just “hey, let’s show our friends what we’ve been working on”....

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Foursquare Launches Self-Service Audience Segments

Jan 22, 2019

Data accuracy is everything for the modern marketer—but it’s not easy to come by. It continues to be an enormous challenge for those who rely on DSPs for audience segmentation and targeted communicat...

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Announcing the winner of our first 'Foursquare for Good' program

Nov 28, 2018

For many Americans, the past week has been spent reflecting on the things that matter most. At Foursquare, that’s also true, as we tallied up the votes for our first-ever Foursquare for Good program....

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Swarm 6.0- A social way to discover new places

Oct 16, 2018

Today, we’re launching Swarm 6.0, a significant update to the Swarm experience that makes it easier to lifelog, remember more about the places you go and discover new places based on where your friend...

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Series F for Foursquare

Oct 02, 2018

It’s six months until Foursquare celebrates its 10th anniversary. In the past decade, we’ve built a company that’s now the gold-standard location partner for many of the world’s leading tech giants an...

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Foursquare Announces its First 'Foursquare for Good' Program

Sep 17, 2018

This morning, I had the privilege of representing Foursquare and standing up on stage at Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange 2018 in front of a room full of academics, data scientists, not-for-profits ...

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Blue Skies Ahead

Aug 30, 2018

Weather and location tech have always gone hand in hand. While smartphones raised consumer expectations for precise forecasts, the technology embedded in them opened up a world of opportunity for weat...

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Why Foursquare Can Change the World

Jul 11, 2018

My headline is a bit forward, so let me start by taking a quick step back: I am proud to announce that I am now Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Foursquare....

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Attribution by Foursquare Boasts New Machine Learning Methodology, Dashboard and Partners

Jun 14, 2018

When we first introduced Attribution by Foursquare two years ago, our goal was to enable industry-leading advertisers, publishers and platforms to understand how digital ads were driving foot traffic ...

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Foursquare Partners with Mapbox to Improve how People Move Through the World

May 30, 2018

Maps and location data are at the center of so many amazing app experiences, whether it’s finding your next date on Tinder thanks to a shared love of dog parks, navigating to your destination on Uber,...

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Foursquare Invents the Future of Dating with Tinder

May 23, 2018

Today we’re announcing that Foursquare is powering a brand-new feature in the Tinder app that helps people find the right match based on favorite places they may share in common, whether it’s a local ...

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Introducing Sixteen by Foursquare

Apr 26, 2018

At Foursquare, we dedicate our days to innovating around the promise of location. Sometimes that means we focus on the needs of brands, other times we’re addressing developers, or consumers....

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Foursquare Launches a New API Solution for Start-Ups and Growing Companies

Apr 12, 2018

Ever hail an Uber using a place name rather than a street address? Have you used a Snapchat geofilter or geotagged a tweet on Twitter? Many of the world’s largest tech companies rely on Foursquare dat...

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Foursquare's Third Consecutive Year of 50% Revenue Growth or Better

Jan 19, 2018

January is an exciting time for an ambitious company like Foursquare. It affords teams a moment in which to digest the final results of the year behind, while setting the course and cadence for the 12...

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Keeping Our Winning Streak Going in 2017

Nov 24, 2017

Success in the tech world isn’t guaranteed, even for innovative companies like us....

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Oh, Snap! More Foursquare in your Snapchat

Oct 10, 2017

Today, we’re proud to share that Foursquare is a launch partner for Snapchat’s new Context Cards. Today’s announcement represents a deepening of our partnership with Snap and is a testament to the gre...

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Developers, product managers, and engineers: Visit our new Developer Toolkit

Oct 04, 2017

An open API and developer platform are core to Foursquare’s mission: we believe in launching products that make the world more fun, interesting and easy to explore — for everyone. For almost eight yea...

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TouchTunes: Integrating Pilgrim SDK

Sep 19, 2017

TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music platform in North America, with a presence in more than 65,000 venues. We are constantly looking for ways to attract more users and get them to pla...

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TouchTunes integrates Pilgrim SDK and drives increased engagement and revenue

Sep 18, 2017

In March, TouchTunes, the largest interactive entertainment platform with more than 65K jukeboxes in bars around the U.S., layered in Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK. TouchTunes was one of the first consumer...

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Prepping Foursquare Swarm for the next 12B check-ins

Aug 17, 2017

Last week we unveiled Swarm 5.0 on iOS, and today, we’re celebrating two additional milestones: we’re launching Swarm 5.0 for Android and we’ve just hit 12 billion check-ins....

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Foursquare Illuminates CPG Insights by Connecting World Class Foot Traffic Data with America's Largest Shopper Panel

Aug 14, 2017

Despite the growth of e-commerce, US Census data shows that more than 90% of consumer shopping still happens in the real world, a significant portion of which is consumer packaged goods (CPG) spanning...

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How we designed Foursquare Swarm 5.0

Aug 10, 2017

Over the past eight months, the Swarm team has been hard at work researching, prototyping, and building towards Swarm 5.0. On Tuesday, we launched. (Go download Swarm 5.0 now.) It was a big undertakin...

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Say hello to the new Swarm 5.0

Aug 09, 2017

Today, we launch Foursquare Swarm version 5.0 — a huge update that we’re all really excited about. Before I tell you more, let me step back a second and tell you why we’re doing it....

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