Foursquare's In-App Native Solutions

Reach audiences when they’re out and about exploring the world.

Promoted Places

Drive foot-traffic to the places you want your consumers to visit in the real-world.

What are Promoted Places?
These are location-based ads that surface when a user is nearby a venue, and Foursquare thinks they are likely to go there. We determine this by looking at the user’s past visits, the types of places they like, and where friends in their social network have been.



Place-Based Ads

Message consumers when they’re searching for or physically in the places you want them to visit.

What are Place-Based Ads?
Location-based ads that surface when a user is at a specific place/in the appropriate mindset and click through to a mobile landing page of your choice. We like to think of them as contextual advertising for the physical world.

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