Pilgrim SDK

Location Intelligence to understand, communicate & engage with your customers - in real time.



How Foursquare Location Intelligence Benefits Your Business

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Increase Customer Engagement & Retention

Improve loyalty by sending targeted notifications to your customers when they're at or near home, work or other points-of-interest. Communicate with users when they enter a restaurant, visit a store, or really anywhere. Keep your audience engaged by providing a more personalized customer experience.

Segment Your Audience Based on Where They Go in the Real World

Strengthen marketing campaigns by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers' tastes and preferences using their visit history. Compare your users' daily visits with our panel to gain a better understanding of behavioral trends.

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Go to Market Faster with Less Upkeep and More Insights

Accelerate the app development process by building your app on top of the Pilgrim SDK. Experience the benefits of location intelligence without drawing a single geo-fence or deploying any hardware.

Key Features

Stop Detection & Location Triggers

Identify venues in even dense locations.

Analytics Dashboard

Visualize user and venue data in one dashboard.

No Beacons or Geofences

Minimal setup required to get up and running.

Global Database of 105M+ Public Places

User-verified location data.

Home & Work Detection

Auto-detect home and work locations.

Low Battery Consumption

Preserve customers’ precious battery life.




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