Identify, reach, and measure audiences based on where they go in the real world.

How Pinpoint Builds Audience Segments

Foursquare uses Place Shapes to tie ad impressions to specific behaviors to build millions of audience profiles beyond our user base.

How it Works


Fun with Audience Segments

Our data gives us insights on how groups of people behave. Check out a few of the fun ones!
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How to Reach Pinpoint Audiences

Pinpoint campaigns begin with a custom analysis of your brand and how real people interact with it in the real world. Throughout your campaign, our world-class team of activation specialists and brand strategists will look at the impact of your campaign on in-store foot traffic and optimize to the most efficient targets.

We partner with leading premium publishers and DSPs to serve standard and rich media ads across mobile, display, and video.

- High Reach Publishers
- ComScore 21+ LDA Compliant

- Mobile & Desktop
- Video
- Social


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