Places Database

Integrate our global, accurate place and visit data into your application. Inspire users to discover new places with Foursquare.


Explore the Benefits of Foursquare 

Astounding Accuracy, Only from Foursquare

Truly trust that your application won't lose users to inaccurate or out-of-date place information. Foursquare's Places Database is kept fresh by our community of over 43,000 Foursquare City Guide and Swarm Superusers so that venue changes such as openings and closings are captured immediately.


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Enrich Your Project with Our Unique Place Attributes

Surface unique place and visits details around venue category, popularity and more in your mobile or web service. Choose from dozens of attributes for millions of global points-of-interest to get a complete understanding of a location.

Discover What the World Has to Offer

Gain access to data around our venues from over 200 countries and territories to create inspiring location-based experiences. Preload our database of 105M+ places into your company’s systems, and bring the world to your users. 

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Key Features

Flexible Data Delivery

Delivered to you in plain text format.

105M+ Global Points-of-Interest

Access our global database of venues.

Available Offline

Experience up-to-date place data, even offline.




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