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Trusted by 1000+ brands and 450+ publishers and platforms, Foursquare Attribution is the industry’s leading offline attribution solution for foot traffic.
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Key Benefits
Foursquare Attribution knows the true impact of your advertising dollars
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Accuracy & Quality You Can Trust:
Our first-party, always-on panel of devices is the largest in the industry, comprising 13M users. That means we are persistently capturing the visits of your consumers and mapping them back to offline conversions using our proprietary core technology. We understand your customer’s journey with millions of signals from our trusted app partners and user community.
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Find Incremental Customers
Quickly understand how your advertising impacted new consumer behaviors. We show incremental lift by highlighting only customers who visited your location as a result of seeing your ad.
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We’ve moved beyond digital. Way beyond.
Measure the impact on ALL of your advertising. We’re not just talking about measuring digital. Measure TV and OTT, OOH, search, social, radio, and print, in addition to digital web and app. Our deep measurement partnerships remove blindspots from your media plan.
Powered by the #1 platform for location data
We have the largest first-party, always-on panel of devices. That means we are persistently capturing the visits of your consumers and connecting them to all your online and offline advertising.
With Foursquare Attribution, you know which channels, tactics, and creatives are driving the most foot traffic to your locations so that you can more efficiently spend your advertising dollars.
We translate visit behavior into incrementality with accuracy
Our methodology
Foursquare clients will unlock a clear view of lift, providing an understanding of how your ad drove incremental store visits to your location.
Two groups of people entering a shop showing a 50% increase in visitsTwo groups of people entering a shop showing a 50% increase in visits
Check this out
In addition to lift, learn more about who is visiting your locations.
Our robust UI and granular visit data shows you the following for your campaigns: visits, cost data, demographic indices, other businesses visited, distance traveled, day & time, apps on device, partner and channel performance, as well as creative performance.