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Placed powered by Foursquare

The leading omnichannel, offline attribution solution, trusted by 1,000+ brands and 450+ publishers & platforms across digital web & app, social, TV & OTT, OOH, audio, radio, print, and more.
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Key Benefits
Measure Foot Traffic & Quantify the Impact of Your Advertising
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Measure Offline Visits to Your Brand's Locations at Scale
Monitor media performance against our monthly measured audience of over 100M devices, 13M of which have “always-on” location sharing enabled. Analyze visits across the most devices, partners, and channels.
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Unlock Incrementality
Measure visit lift to assess campaign performance and isolate the true impact of your media. Learn which levers drive the highest return, and which campaign is most effective at driving store visits.
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Quantify and Improve ROAS
Optimize campaigns with fast and actionable reporting. Make more informed and agile optimizations to improve performance and drive better ROI.
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How does Placed powered by Foursquare eliminate false positives from foot traffic data?
Our first-party audience is sourced by apps that utilize our proprietary Pilgrim SDK, the industry’s only persistent location technology, which requires 100% opt-in consent, removes blind spots, and ensures foot traffic data quality.
How it works
Incrementality methodology
We translate offline visit behavior into lift with precision at scale
Two groups of people entering a shop showing a 50% increase in visitsTwo groups of people entering a shop showing a 50% increase in visits
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Looking for fast, actionable, and flexible insights?
Easily export our dashboard, access report data programmatically via an API, and derive performance comparisons across channels, partners, and creatives.