Attribution by Foursquare

Quantify the impact media has on driving people to your business’ offline locations against our measured audience of over 70 million users for more precise measurement.
How effective is your TV advertising?
Learn more about our new solution that enables marketers to measure the impact of TV advertising on driving visits to physical locations.
Key Benefits
Media ROI Measurement Made Easy
Measure More Visits to Your Brand's Locations
Monitor media performance against our measured audience of 70 million, non-incentivized users. Track visits across devices, partners and channels including display, video, search, connected TV, OTT and digital audio.
Analyze Incremental Lift
Measure incremental visit lift, sales or lift percentages to assess campaign performance. Learn which levers drive the highest return, and which campaign is most effective at driving visits.
Optimize Campaigns Based on Accurate Insights
Compare performance against observed benchmarks. Get the top-indexing chains and categories of target users—with visit history and foot traffic trends for optimal engagement.
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Are you sure your foot traffic data isn’t filled with false positives?
Unlike foot traffic data from the bidstream or competitor SDKs, foot traffic data from our non-incentivized panel is persistent, removing any blind spots and ensuring data quality.
How it works
Lift Measurement Methodology
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Need to conduct your own analysis?
Easily download or export metrics and graphs for presentations for custom analysis.

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