Visit Data by Foursquare

Strengthen your customer analytics, media targeting, and optimization strategies, or product development efforts with the real-world behavioral data—powered by visit data for more than 100 million consumers.
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Leverage high-quality, location-based data to reveal customer behaviors
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Unrivaled data quality
Powered by Pilgrim, Foursquare’s core location technology, our visit data doesn’t compromise accuracy for scale. We measure a consumer audience of +100 million every single month visiting places around the country while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and quality.
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Flexible and easily accessible
Choose from a list of thousands of chains, choose your delivery cadence, and receive your first flat file of visit data in 72 hours or less. Alternatively, tap into our existing API integrations, or work with us to create a custom integration.
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Ethical and transparent
The opportunity to leverage location data is a privilege that we take seriously. Foursquare visit data upholds the privacy and security standards adhered to across our entire platform, ensuring your customers and your business are protected.
Delivery your way
Choose the option that suits your business best
API integration
Leverage our existing integrations or allow us to build a custom one with your API
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Flat file
Receive a database of visits via Amazon S3 or sFTP, daily, weekly, or monthly
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Achieve multiple business goals confidently
Enrich your customer database with real world visits
Create custom audience segments to target and optimize
Prove your advertising’s ability to drive offline conversions