Foursquare Analytics

Analyze real-world foot traffic trends for top retail brands in a powerful, interactive dashboard.




Discover Hidden Opportunities with Foursquare Analytics

Learn the True Drivers of Business Performance

Find out why your chain is gaining or losing share by comparing changes in foot traffic to key competitors and the category. Understand whether your gains or losses are the result of company performance, share shifts among competitors, or overall company growth or decline.

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Gain Deeper Insights into Your Customer Base

Explore how your foot traffic shifts over time due to demographics, loyalty, lapsed customers and defectors. Discover the places your customers go before and after they visit your store to help inform your marketing tactics and product strategy.

Create More Effective Marketing Programs

Learn where there are weaknesses in your business - by customer type, daypart, demographics and regionality - in order to optimize the impact of corrective marketing actions.

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Unique Metrics, Robust Analytics

Monthly Share Gains & Losses

Benchmark brand performance.

Category & Geo Trends

Track foot traffic of top brands.

Loyalty & Defection Analysis

Measure customer loyalty over time.

Demographic Insights

Understand shifts in key demos.

Cohort Tracking & Analysis

Monitor foot traffic of core segments.

Penetration & Visit Frequency

Analyze foot traffic patterns of your customers.
Our beta partners include top retailers and restaurant chains.




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