Measure campaign results against our first and second party global panel of 25 million people.

What can Attribution do for you?

Attribution by Foursquare ties digital media impressions to real-world, offline conversions in order to prove the efficacy of online advertising. Select which role best describes you to see what Attribution can do.


What Is Incremental Lift?

The true measure of marketing effectiveness is incremental lift — in other words, how much the ads influenced people as compared to a demographically-similar control group of people who haven’t seen them. With Foursquare's Incremental Visit Lift, we can even determine the path-to-purchase, places visited before and after, categorical behavior, and competitive insights.

Measure Daily Incremental Visit Lift In Near-Real Time

Foursquare's Attribution lets you track the difference between exposed vs. controlled groups. Our Visit Lift Tool shows how campaigns have done in the past. Try it out!


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